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KALEA is Hawaiian and means:
Filled with joy 


We are a passionate team of material scientists, engineers, and hobby gardeners located in Stuttgart, Germany.

Established in 2017, KALEA has been focused on developing innovative solutions to increase the convenience of handling biowaste at home while improving sustainability. Many generations of prototypes and almost 2 years of testing have led us to our final design of KALEA. Learn more about our story in this blog post.


At KALEA, we believe there are cleaner and more useful solutions to handle organic waste at home. Nature has already given us inspiration.


Composting turns biowaste efficiently into ready-to-use compost. With that inspiration, we have linked a natural process to smart technology and convenient use.

This is how KALEA was born.


The name KALEA comes from Hawaii and means "filled with joy". This is also our vision. We want to share this joy with you, your plants, and the environment...

... by making the inconvenient handling of organic waste in your kitchen a thing of the past


... by using nutrient-rich compost to care for your plants


... by curbing the emission of harmful methane gas and therefore protecting the climate

Our crowdfunding campaign is live on Kickstarter! 

Join us on our journey and receive unique discounts.

As known from

... and many others




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An electric composter for your kitchen - home composting made convenient with KALEA 

Are you looking for a sustainable and convenient way for food recycling? Such as a mini-compost pile for your home, but without the smell, flies and mess? KALEA has developed an electric kitchen composter, which is the first indoor composter of its kind and suits all of your food composting needs.  


Interested in making compost at home? KALEA turns your organic waste into fresh compost automatically, hygienically, safely, and without odour in just 48 hours. 


An electric composter in the kitchen saves you from having to walk up and down stairs, and even without your own garden or balcony you can make something useful out of your organic waste. Our unique composting system combines nature with high tech, and allows you to compost at home hassle free. 


Our KALEA kitchen composter can process more than just fruits and vegetables. You can also put nutshells, fish, small bones, dairy products and cooked food in the organic composter.

With an automatic composter bin you can make something truly useful for your plants! 


The nutrient-rich compost produced from organic waste in our electric composter contains all the essential nutrients and minerals that plants need to grow. Simply mix the compost in a ratio of 1 to 10 with fresh, peat-free soil. You can use it for your indoor plants or outside in the garden. The best thing? The compost produced from our automatic composter can even be stored for up to two years. 


Ask yourself: Which kitchen composter is the right one for me? We say: KALEA! Because composting at home has never been so easy. In October 2020, our crowdfunding campaign will begin. Our newsletter is the best place to get updates about the campaign, including when it will start. Exclusive perks will be available through our crowdfunding campaign, including discounts up to 50% off the KALEA composter.


Do you have questions about kitchen composters, home composting or food recycling? Then please get in touch with us at info@mykalea.de.