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5 reasons why KALEA makes your kitchen even more sustainable

The best garbage is no garbage! That's why we developed KALEA. What’s the role of methane gas and how do you ensure healthy soils with every push of a KALEA button? We'll discuss how and why our smart kitchen composter makes your kitchen even more sustainable thanks to the processing of organic waste.

We love KALEA. Ever since the first completed compost cycle. Sure, we're also fans of technology. But above all, we care about our earth - and a way to be even more sustainable and responsible with our resources. Every day anew. Quite simply - from home. Our home composting star, KALEA, not only frees you from the stinky organic waste garbage can but also helps to protect the climate with every banana peel, a few coffee grounds, or pizza crust you dispose of in KALEA. How does it work?

1. Less methane gas = protecting the climate

Every bit of organic waste you dispose of with other residual waste, no matter how small, has an insidious property. Improperly disposed organic waste decomposes in landfills and releases methane gas after only a short period of time. Methane gas is 20 times more harmful to the atmosphere than CO2. If you process your organic waste directly with KALEA, you can prevent your organic waste from emitting methane gas in the first place. Even better, you ensure that important nutrients remain in the cycle. How does this work?

2. Circular economy = reusing nutrients

Our food contains all the good nutrients and trace elements from the soil. If composted naturally, these important nutrients continue the cycle of adding important elements back into the soil. But incorrectly disposed of organic waste decomposes in landfills or is incinerated, and the nutrients are often lost forever. So after every fruit bowl, potato gratin, or BBQ night, you can give back to nature by turning organic waste into fresh compost and keep the nutrients cycle going.

3. Fresh compost = taking care of the soil

The best of nature, for nature. When you return your fresh KALEA compost to the soil, whether at home for your houseplants or outdoors for your vegetable patch, you automatically give the soil fresh nutrients and trace elements as well. Do you know what fresh compost feels like in your hands? It's light and airy. So, when you work KALEA compost into the soil, you also help aerate it. This ensures that more water and oxygen can be absorbed into the soil. An important factor for healthy soil.

In addition, with every KALEA unit sold, we protect a piece of a bog. An incredibly important habitat that can store a lot of CO2. In the south of Germany, thanks to our supporters, we bought the land that we are now rejuvenating together with the Stiftung Naturschutz Pfrunger-Burgweiler Ried.

4. No waste = saving emissions

Besides all the good things you do for our climate with every compost cycle, one calculation is really very simple. No organic waste = no garbage pickup. This saves gasoline and emissions.

5. KALEA is compost 2.0 = saving even more organic waste

We are big fans of the classic compost pile in the garden. Not least because its natural process is the model for our KALEA composting process. However, it comes with many limitations. Lots of space, lots of time, proper handling, and on top of that, you're not allowed to dispose of many things in your compost pile. This includes all citrus fruits, dairy products, meat, or cooked food. All these things then end up in the garbage can. We designed KALEA so that you can dispose of the "compost pile no-goes" in our automatic kitchen composter as well. So you save even more organic waste. Yay!

Are you as in love with KALEA as we are? Our crowdfunding campaign is still live for a few more days. Next year, the first KALEA kitchen composters will be shipped.

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