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Happy New Composting - 8 Reasons Why 2021 Should Be Your Composting Year

New year, new resolutions? Fitness challenges and meditation marathons are too generic. Today, we're sharing 8 great reasons why you should make 2021 the year of composting! Join the compost club.

In Europe alone, over 138 million tons of organic waste is generated each year. Waste that, in most cases, is not properly recycled. Yet biowaste is perfectly suited for a circular waste management system, and it's also the optimal component for making compost. There are so many reasons to turn your organic waste into compost. Here are 8 of our favorite reasons:

1. You're reducing your carbon footprint!

Many people don't know that improperly disposed compost is a real climate killer. When disposed of conventionally, it continues to rot in landfills, creating methane gas - a gas that is up to 30 times more harmful to the climate than carbon dioxide (CO2). When you compost at home, you can ensure it’s done the right way and you save even more CO2 because your organic waste no longer has to be hauled away in garbage trucks.

2. You save money and time!

Compost is the best and most natural fertilizer for fruit, vegetables, trees, and plants. The money you previously spent on purchasing compost can now be invested in new plants. If you regularly use compost, it will also help your green friends to better store water in the soil. This means you don’t have to water your plants as much. KALEA is currently the fastest kitchen composter on the market. In less than 48 hours you can turn your organic waste into fresh compost. No need to wait for lengthy traditional compost cycles.

3. You make your kitchen insect-free!

If you have a regular organic waste container at home, you know the dilemma. After a few days, fruit flies & co. have a party in your leftovers. If you upgrade your kitchen with an automatic kitchen composter such as KALEA, your organic waste will always be processed immediately. Hygienic, clean, and completely insect-free.

4. You save the boglands!

Ever heard of peat? This organic, nutrient-rich sediment is used in conventional potting soil. When you mix compost with your soil, you no longer need peat soil. That's because your compost provides your plants with all the essential nutrients. Boglands are still being mined to produce peat - a climate disaster! Boglands are incredibly valuable habitats that can store a lot of water and just as much CO2.

5. You increase plant longevity!

Plants need to be supplied with nutrients in order to grow healthily. This applies to houseplants as well as to your vegetable patch. The better the plants are supplied, the more productive and durable they become. This way, you can enjoy your green companions for many, many years.

6. You are in control!

Your eating habits = your compost. From the cutting board directly to the compost. You're in control of what foods you process and what nutrients you pass on to your plants. Hardly any fertilizer you can buy in the store gives you such transparency and control.

7. You save a lot of space!

No garden in sight? No problem. With a smart kitchen composter, you can simply move the compost pile into your kitchen. No need to accumulate organic waste in the garden - just a sleek composting device that complements your everyday cooking habits.

8. You can enjoy it for a long time!

Hygienically processed compost, e.g. KALEA, can be stored very easily. For example, over the winter months when plants are not usually fertilized. Packed airtight and protected from sunlight, KALEA compost will stay fresh for up to two years. Plenty of time to get all your planting projects done.

See, plenty of good reasons to compost! This is the perfect year to invest in a greener future. You can currently pre-order KALEA through our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and start your compost journey in December 2021: https://bit.ly/KALEAxIndiegogo

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