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KALEA and Kickstarter - our crowdfunding perks and pricing structure

Sure, for us KALEA is priceless. At the same time, we want to give our first supporters the opportunity to receive unique discounts through our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. This way, even more people have the chance to make their everyday life more environmentally friendly and say goodbye to smelly organic waste forever. Our campaign starts on the 13th of October. Curtains up on a first look at our Kickstarter packages:

Package 1 — Soil Mate for 1 euro

Become a SOIL MATE because together we are stronger. Each Soil Mate helps us raise money to purchase bogs — one of the most important biotopes for the storage of CO2. 10 Soil Mates = 3 square meters of bog, which we buy to preserve permanently and protect our climate.

Package 2 — Super Early Bird for 399 euros

This is what everyone is waiting for! Our Early Birds can look forward to an offer limited to the first 25 units: Get your KALEA composter for 399 euros and save more than half! Up to Package 3, further limited price scales with discounts between 40% and 50% will follow. It pays to be fast!

Package 3 — KALEA Prime for 549 euros

Did you miss the opening offers because you’re more of a Night Owl than an Early Bird? We also have an exciting package for you: Get your KALEA kitchen composter with a 350 euro discount. Pure and simple.

Here you can already register to be notified about the start of our crowdfunding campaign.

The time will come! We are looking forward to every day in which we can make even more out of our organic waste with KALEA. Here you can find an overview of our delivery schedule:

We turn organic waste into compost… and protect the bogs!

Mother Earth first: With every KALEA Crowdfunding order we buy 3 square meters of bog to permanently protect and preserve. Why? Bogs are an important site for carbon storage - a place where CO2 is stored underground, preventing it from escaping into the atmosphere and where it acts as a global warming agent. 

Bogs cover only 3% of the earth's surface, but store about 30% of its CO2. One hectare of bog with a 15-centimeter thick peat layer contains about as much carbon as a hundred-year-old forest in the same area. That is amazing! But bogs are in danger. In many places they are mined to produce peat, which is then used to enrich potting soil. 

The protection of bogs is an incredibly important part of climate protection, which is very close to our hearts. This is why we have chosen to support the NGO Naturefund - who work to protect and preserve bogs around the world. Your own produced compost also leads indirectly to bog protection by reducing the demand for peat. With KALEA you can always use peat-free soil, because our compost naturally aerates the soil and provides it with sufficient nutrients. The ideal mixing ratio is 1:10. That means, 1 part KALEA compost to 10 parts peat-free potting soil.

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